You Can Customize Your Facebook Reactions To Just About Anything -- Here's How

From Pokemon to politicians and more

Want to add a little bang to your Facebook reactions? Tired of the same old round, yellow emoji faces, staring at you with their cartoonish expressions? A new add-on has got you covered.

Reaction Packs, a new Firefox and Google Chrome browser extension, allows you to change those same old reactions you've had for less than a month to new and exciting heights.

Users who install the add-on can choose from emojis as far ranging as Pokemon to meme faces to politicians like the heart-throbby Justin Trudeau and (grumble) even Donald Trump.

Reaction Packs / Giphy

If you're a little tech savvy, you could even create your own reaction emojis and submit them to Reaction Packs, who may publish them. Finally, you dreams of reacting to things just like Rihanna or Britney would may very well be possible.


To change your Facebook Reactions, go to Reaction Packs (but only if you use Firefox or Google Chrome).

H/T Mashable