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11 Gym Selfie Tips Zac Efron Should Learn From The Rock

Zefron is ripped like The Rock, but his gym selfie game is still whack

Shooting a movie alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, especially one that requires you to be at least 75 percent shirtless at all times, would make most actors self-conscious about their own beach bodies -- but not Zac Efron. Instead, the 28-year-old actor has gotten ridiculously ripped to prepare for his shirtless screen time with Johnson in their new film Baywatch. Like, really, really ripped.

His machismo is at an all-time high. He even challenged The Rock, whom he calls his personal fitspiration, to an on-set tire shrugging contest. (How do you walk onto The Rock's set and challenge the man to a tire shrugging contest?!)

Now that Zefron has reached an entirely new level of swole -- the level at which your abdominal muscles have muscles -- we think it's time he started working on his gym selfie game. After all, you don't just become that ripped over night. It takes hours of hard work in the gym, not to mention gallons of sweat, to get those results.

Efron has clearly been putting in the work, but he hasn't quite mastered the art of #GymSelfies. In fact, his game is pretty weak. Take this photo, for example. Here's Efron clearly doing work with those dumbbells. Bicep curls are no joke. He's lifting, say, 25 or 30-pound dumbbells easily -- but where is the fire in his eyes? Where is the determination? He looks bored. Frankly, if you're doing bicep curls and you look like you're staring off into space in a reception's office, then YOU'RE NOT PUTTING IN ENOUGH WORK, ZAC.

Then, in this pic, Efron scores points for his flashy orange Nikes and, well, being shirtless, but the photo composition is all wrong. We need to see beads of sweat fall with every tricep dip. It's all in the filter, and this is just all wrong.

And don't even get us started with this blurry headstand, Zac. Just don't. Tell us, what's the use in being shirtless if we can even see those obliques?

Clearly, Efron needs help. Lucky for him, his Baywatch co-star is a grade-A selfie-taker. When it comes to chronicling his physical prowess, The Rock is at the top of his game. Here are some tips Zefron can learn from his buddy The Rock if he wants to truly impress us with his gym selfies.

  1. Don't be afraid to make some ugly faces when you grind out those last few reps.

    It should look like you're putting in work.

  2. Show us the heavy stuff.

    You are a superhuman specimen, Efron. You can show off every once in a while.

  3. The closer the better.

    Sometimes, it's not about your pretty face.

  4. No, seriously. We want to see those veins.


  5. It's not always about showing skin.

    As much as we admire rock-hard pectoral muscles, it's nice to add an err of ~ mystery ~ to a gym selfie now and then. What is The Rock hiding in that hoodie? His puppy Hobbs? Approximately 2.5 gallons of sweat? Thirty pounds of cod?! The world will never know.

  6. However, it is all about that action shot.

    Remember, Zac: You're at your swolest mid-lift.

  7. Find the perfect filter to highlight that beautiful, sweaty sheen.

    We're pretty sure The Rock is a huge fan of Amaro.

  8. Show off your hard work.

    The gym is the ultimate Flex Zone, so don't be afraid to stunt in front of the mirror. If you don't appreciate your hard work, then no one will.

  9. Bring a furry friend for some much-needed encouragement.

    Is there anything hotter than a man with his dog? How about a man lifting 35-pound dumbbells with his pup? No? We didn't think so.

  10. Mix it up.

    As much as we love watching muscles flex, mastering an A+ cardio selfie is the true sign of someone's proficiency.

  11. Don't forget to capture that cool down moment.

    A good cool down selfie consists of three things: a little bit of sweat but not too much to detract from your handsome features; the casual towel draped abound your tired, albeit swole, shoulders; and the perfect "I just did WORK" pose. And if you're feeling as ambitious as The Rock, don't forget to show us THE BEEFS, Zefron.