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Nick Lachey Is Making Music Again — This Time With The Foo Fighters?

This is the gig he’s been waiting for his whole life.

The Foo Fighters aren’t breaking up. They’ve just swapped out Dave Grohl for a very different singer.

The rock band teased a big band announcement on Tuesday, and now they’ve shared the news we’ve all been waiting for: Dave is trying out a solo career, emboldened by his acoustic Oscars performance. As for the rest of the Foos, they’ve already found a replacement to fill his big, black boots.

In a seven-minute video posted on Twitter, the band mulls over Dave’s absence before finally deciding on Nick Lachey for their new lead singer. And his take on “Everlong” proves this is the gig he’s been waiting for his whole life.

Really, though? The whole video is just the Foos making fun of the rumor that a band breakup was imminent. The Foo Fighters are not breaking up. The Foo Fighters will never break up. When all the world’s fossil fuels run dry and the resulting energy crisis sends society spinning into irreversible chaos, the Foos will be there, rocking. We’ll all be cobbling together shanties from downed airplanes and foraging for canned food in whatever’s left of the nation’s supermarkets, but the Foo Fighters will not break up. They’ll be standing atop the smoldering ruin of the Trump Tower, guitars in hand, firing off power chords to the far corners of the wasteland.

For the millionth time, the Foo Fighters are not breaking up.