The Internet Has Strong, Hilarious Feelings About High School Musical 4

These are downright fabulous.

If you've been away from the Internet for the past 24 hours, you'll be pleased (or not) to learn Disney is actually making a fourth High School Musical. Except, they're bringing in a whole new crop of East High Wildcats — because let's be real, Zac Efron and the gang are a tad too old to reasonably pass as teenagers. Plus, they're all doing their own things now.

Twitter was divided about the news, with some people simply thrilled that the franchise was continuing, while others adopted the manta: "Original cast or bust."

  1. There were HSM puns galore.
  2. And plenty of GIF action.
  3. Zac's phenomenal meme face resurfaced.
  4. As did his crying face.
  5. Comparisons to the ill-fated Mean Girls 2 were made.

    "There was a Mean Girls 2?," you ask. Exactly.

  6. Some people were willing to compromise.
  7. But others simply weren't having it.
  8. Not. At. All.
  9. The people have spoken, Disney.
  10. Are you listening?
  11. However, there were plenty of Wildcats who were all in (this together).
  12. And really wanna get in on this.
  13. But remember, Disney: No one likes or even remembers Mean Girls 2.

    You can bet on it.