The Shannara Chronicles Stars Sound Off On This Season's Most Gruesome Deaths

Which character's sad demise hit Austin Butler and Aaron Jakubenko the hardest?

The Four Lands may have been saved during the epic season finale of The Shannara Chronicles, but a bunch of lives were lost along the way.

From King Eventine's unfortunate ending at the hands of the Changeling to Cephelo sacrificing himself in order to save his daughter Eretria -- and of course the Dagda Mor murdering Arion -- the fictional characters were in a constant state of mourning as they witnessed their loved ones perish. But which death(s) resonated the most with the men behind Ander and Wil?

"For me, it has to be Arion," Aaron Jakubenko recently told MTV News at a press day (as seen in the video above). "I think personally working with Dan [MacPherson], he became one of my closest friends, as we all did," he added, while pointing at his co-star Austin Butler.

So which somber scene would be Austin's pick? Watch the video to find out -- and be sure to share your pick for the most memorable Shannara Chronicles fatality in the comments.