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Britney Spears Just Isn't That Into Computers, OK?

It's not her thing.

While most of us use computers on a daily basis and would probably agree that they're still useful despite a number of other, smaller devices surrounding us at all times, Britney Spears is not like most of us. Sorry, computers: She's just not that into you.

In her new interview with V magazine, Britney reveals that, yes, she has a computer, but that doesn't mean she uses it, OK? She says, "Honestly, I still don’t use my computer. My kids use the computer more than I do! I understand that a lot of people are into it, and I have days where I write and stuff, but it’s really not for me. It’s not my thing."

This is how you know we are different from Britney Spears — she views the use of computers as something people are ~into~ as opposed to, y'know, a necessity.

You can breathe a sigh of relief, though, because despite her distaste for computers, as objects, she confirms she is still very into Instagram. Phew.