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Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Wait For His Oscar To Be Engraved With The Confidence Of A Great Brown Bear

Leo literally gets written into acting history.

The world changed for all of us last night, but mostly for one singular individual. It was a long time coming, but finally we live in a world where Leonardo DiCaprio is an Oscar winner.

Bless this mess -- the world is right again, Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

Last night, Variety caught video of Leo post-acceptance speech in the press room getting his Academy Award engraved at the Governors Ball -- they do that there these days -- and you really can tell that he's just on cloud nine the whole time.

Look at Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio's ease. Look at his poise! At a few points, DiCaprio even cracks jokes with the engraver, causing her to tremble a little when she puts the plaque back on his trophy. All in a day's work, handing history over to history-makers. ?

Relive the joy of ~*Oscar Winner*~ Leonardo DiCaprio's acceptance speech below.