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This Leonardo DiCaprio Flip Book Predicted His Win — But With A Slight Catch

Thankfully, his acceptance speech didn't go down like this.

This is Leonardo DiCaprio's night, and we're all just here to witness it. After a severely long overdue win, DiCaprio took home the gold for Best Leading Actor for his role as Hugh Glass in The Revenant.

The Internet definitely predicted DiCaprio's win, but The Flippist went above and beyond with their prediction. They made an amazing flip book of DiCaprio accepting his rightfully-deserved Oscar, but they tossed in a twist — and we can bearly contain ourselves over it.

Naturally, people are losing their minds over both DiCaprio's win and this hilariously perfect flip book, with the book trending on Imgur.

The Flippist is auctioning off the flip book on eBay, with proceeds going to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which helps protect the world's last wild places. As of this moment, the going rate for the book is $122.50.