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8 Celebs Who Made Oscars Night The New Family Night

Meet the new kind of plus one.

What's the fastest way to become your family's absolute favorite? Bring them to the Oscars, of course.

Several stars made Oscars night the new family night by bringing their parents, siblings, or kids to Hollywood's biggest night, and the pics are beyond precious. See which of your faves partied it up, family-style.

  1. The Room star totally stole the show before he even got there, when he and his movie star-gorgeous parents, Jason and Christina Candia Tremblay, posed for this photo that was trending on the Internet.

  2. Steve Granitz / WireImage

    Best Supporting Actress winner for The Danish Girl, Vikander, aka Belle from Beauty and the Beast, brought her parents Svante and Maria Fahl Vikander to her big night.

  3. ABC

    The Brooklyn Best Leading Actress nominee brought her mom, Monica Ronan, to celebrate her second Oscar nomination. Her first nom was back in 2008 for Atonement.

  4. The Best Supporting Actress nominee for Carol brought her dad, Timothy Mara, and the two were adorable on the red carpet.

  5. Captain America ditched his superhero attire for a tux, and wins the Best Brother Ever award for bringing sister Carly, who admitted her little brother "was kind of annoying" growing up.

  6. The Best Leading Actor nominee brought dad Josef Fassbender, and both are totally rocking the mustache game.

  7. Steve Granitz / WireImage

    Pixar guru Lasseter, executive producer for Best Animated Feature winner Inside Out, brought his handsome son, Bennett Lasseter, for his big night.

  8. ABC

    The Revenant star brought his mom Irmelin for the fourth time that he's been nominated for an Oscar (she also attended the 1994, 2007, and 2014 Oscars).