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16 Times Celebs Couldn't Keep Their Hands To Themselves At Award Shows

There's a whole lot of (golden) groping going on.

Awards season is tough. It's long, arduous -- at times, egregiously so -- and frankly, emotionally overwhelming. And that's just the build-up. So we're not surprised that by the time celebs get to the big show, they tend to let loose.

Some shows have a natural way to blow off steam. For example, the Golden Globes not only have an open bar, but they also hand out mini bottles of champagne on the red carpet. With other shows, like the Academy Awards, some improvisation is needed to have a good time. Usually, this takes the shape of fondling their A-lister peers. Listen, we get it. You're anxious and excited, and then one thing leads to another and you have your hand on Katy Perry's boob. It happens. This kind of cringe-worthy, overzealous behavior is commonplace at award shows.

The past few awards seasons have served up a lot of groping, so as we look ahead to this Sunday's Oscars, let’s take a look back at the most memorably touchy-feely award show moments.

  1. When Kanye West couldn't keep his hands off Kim Kardashian's butt.
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    If the Grammys were like prom, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would be crowned Prom King and Queen. And just like two teens in love, Kim and Kanye couldn't keep their hands off each other at the 2015 Grammys.

  2. When Cate Blanchett couldn't stop stroking her SAG Award.

    Technically, a SAG Award isn't a real person, but if it were, they'd already be at third base.

  3. When Jennifer Aniston grabbed Kate Hudson's butt on the Golden Globes red carpet.

    Aniston is a hands-on type of woman.

  4. When Miley Cyrus grabbed Katy Perry's boob.
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    And Katy returned the favor.

  5. When Jennifer Aniston got a handful of Emma Stone's butt at the Oscars.

    How's that for a red carpet greeting?

  6. When Rosario Dawson grabbed Paul Rudd's junk at the Film Independent Spirit Awards.
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    Bless you, Rosario.

  7. When John Travolta tried to kiss Scarlett Johannson on the cheek on the Oscars red carpet.
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    Yeah, she wasn't feeling it.

  8. When John Travolta then grabbed Idina Menzel's face during the Oscars.
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    Things definitely got awkward between Adele Dazeem and Glom Gazingo on that stage.

  9. When Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven shared a kiss at the Oscars.
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    Angie and her brother shared their infamous kiss at the 2000 Academy Awards, after Jolie took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

  10. When Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth made out on stage at the AMAs.

    Well, they did sing an entire song about gettin' it on.

  11. When Rita Ora tore Zac Efron's shirt off for the American people.
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    The greatest gift Rita Ora ever gave us.

  12. When Julianne Moore scooped up Emma Stone at the Oscars after-party.
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    She has an Oscar now; she can do whatever she wants.

  13. When Jeremy Renner made a ~ joke ~ about Jennifer Lopez's "globes."

    Keep your eyes up here, Renner.

  14. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus furiously made out with Bryan Cranston.

    I mean, wouldn't you?

  15. When designer Isaac Mizrahi couldn't resist grabbing Scarlett Johansson's, um, Golden Globes.

    In 2006, this was a very controversial live TV moment.

  16. When Justin Timberlake got a handful of Mila Kunis.
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    It was consensual. They were promoting a rom-com at the time.

  17. And the ~ iconic ~ moment that started it all... when Diana Ross fondled Lil' Kim's left boob at the 1999 VMAs.

    Bow down.