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19 Perfect Leonardo DiCaprio Memes That Prove The Internet Is Rooting For Him

Come on, Academy! Enough already.

This year might actually be Leonardo DiCaprio's year. Nominated for his sixth Oscar, DiCaprio is considered the serious contender to take home the gold in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category.

But after five heartbreaking times he's lost, it seems like the Internet's lost with him. People expressed their grief in different ways, such as creating a Leonardo's Oscar Twitter account, as well as an 8-bit game called, "Leo's Red Carpet Rampage."

If Leo loses on Sunday (February 28), I'm pretty sure the Internet will self-destruct, as evidenced by these memes made over the years.

  1. Naturally, there were Titanic references.
  2. And The Departed ones.
  3. Oh, and The Wolf of Wall Street, of course.
  4. Other celebs's wins have been brought up.
  5. Whenever Leo's lost, fans were there to offer condolences.
  6. As well as guidance on how to function.
  7. Leo's tears were our tears.
  8. His pain, our pain.
  9. While the Academy overlooked him, we certainly did not.
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  10. And (un)like Rose, we'll never let go.
  11. We've forged letters to the Academy.
  12. Created fake movie posters.
  13. And crafted works of art.
  14. All in his honor.
  15. We've feared the worst.
  16. And hoped for the best.
  17. Countries around the world are rooting for Leo, not just America.
  18. Because he deserves to win.
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  19. He's earned it, dammit.
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Seriously, Academy, don't screw this up for us.