There Was A Fantastic Drake & Josh Reference On Grandfathered — And Mindy Pointed It Out

Apparently, Josh Peck still hung onto that science fair ribbon.

On Tuesday's (February 23) episode of Grandfathered, Josh Peck slipped in a low-key Drake & Josh reference without batting an eye. Yes, we're being complete truthers.

During the episode, Peck's TV daughter Edie (Layla and Emelia Golfieri) has picked up the unfortunate habit of flushing Peck and Christina Milian's things down the toilet. In one scene, Peck watches from work via camera Edie flushing various items, including his "second place science fair ribbon."


Hold up. Did he just say a second place science fair ribbon? Wasn't that what Josh Nichols won on Drake & Josh, because he'd always lose to his arch-nemesis/sometimes girlfriend, Mindy Crenshaw (Allison Scagliotti)?


And while many fans watching Grandfathered missed this classic nod to Drake & Josh, Scagliotti pointed it out herself — and burned her TV boyfriend in the process.

Yep, she went there. And we're so glad she did. After the highly anticipated Drake & Josh reunion a few weeks ago, other cast members have stated they wanted in on the action, including Scagliotti.

And while Peck told MTV News last year there was "no way" Josh and Mindy are still together, it's so much fun watching Peck and Scagliotti be cute and adorable on Twitter.

Gahhh, if Josh and Mindy had a reunion on Grandfathered, I honestly don't think the Internet could handle it. Only one way to find out, right Fox? (Hint hint, wink wink.) ?