5SOS Rocked Out With Miniature Versions Of Themselves And It’s A Lot To Handle

Watch the band freak out as their mini-me's take the stage.

If you’re a 5 Seconds of Summer fan, you might want to take a seat before reading on. Make sure you’re all calm, cool, and collected right now, because you’re about to go from zero to “no chill” in warped speed.

See, while 5SOS have been soaking up the (mostly Pokemon-related) culture in Japan -- where they kicked off their Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour last week -- someone thought it’d be a rad idea to introduce them to the miniature versions of themselves. Yes, there is a mini Ashton, a mini Luke, a mini Calum, and a mini Michael out there in the world, and the cuteness that ensued when the eight of them met was way too cute to handle.

“Mini 5SOS,” as they were apparently dubbed, took to the stage to perform “She’s Kinda Hot” for a crowd who screamed every word as if it were the real 5SOS before them. And honestly, it almost was -- the little tykes nailed the band’s moves as they fake-played their instruments (and they even wore black skinny jeans!).

As you can see in the clip above, the real 5SOS appropriately freaked out upon seeing the miniature versions of themselves in action. Later, they continued gushing over the little guys with pics that better show off their similarities.

  1. Here’s Michael with his pint-sized bud, who even sports streaks in his hair.
  2. Ashton couldn’t help but gush about his bandana-wearing mini-me.

    “Mind blown. Mini 5SOS RULE!!! Lol here is little me!!! Makes me miss my brother ? xx,” he wrote in the caption.

  3. Here’s Luke and his little guy.
  4. And Calum shared an adorable note that his mini impersonator gave him.

    “I want to play the bass like a Calum. It’s filled with practice. I love Calum,” the note reads. AWWW.

5SOS are currently on tour throughout Asia, and are slated to head to Europe in April. They hit North America at the tail end of June before finishing up in their native Australia. Maybe they’ll meet Mini 5SOS’s from all over the world? Let’s make that happen.