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Steve Aoki May Face Legal Consequences For His Cake-Throwing Ways

The DJ's dastardly days of chucking cakes may be numbered.

Known cake-thrower Steve Aoki is also a popular DJ. Who knew?! Just kidding. We totally knew. Everyone did.

Back in 2013, MTV News talked to Aoki at the Tomorrowland festival about his notable habit of tossing cakes -- like real, sugary, frosted dessert cakes -- into the crowd at his concerts and how he actually did harm to himself because of it. "I’ve thrown out my arm throwing so many cakes," he told us then. "I’m not kidding. I’ve fucking thrown out my arm."

Then, we posed the question: Are Aoki's cake-throwing days over? They weren't (at that time), but Aoki did decide to scale it back to only his headlining gigs in early 2015. But given what's happened since then, maybe he should've quit when he was ahead (or more specifically, lawsuit-free).

As Stereogum points out, TMZ reported on Monday that a Las Vegas club owner slipped and fell in the remains of a splattered, Aoki-thrown cake, sustaining a head injury for which he's suing Aoki. This is the second lawsuit Aoki's faced for his onstage antics, after concertgoer Brittany Hickman sued in 2015 for a broken neck received while Aoki was crowdsurfing in a giant inflatable raft.

Aoki, meanwhile, hasn't said much about the suits. He's been too busy showing his support for Bernie Sanders's campaign for president.

He also made a cake with us one time, and that was cool. We will always remember that, even if the law requires Aoki to chill on the pastry-hurling front going forward. (It probably won't.)