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Stephanie And D.J. Tanner Take Us Behind The Scenes Of The Iconic Full House Hawaii Episode

Get ready for Fuller House by watching these adorable throwback videos.

The Tanners visited some pretty awesome places during Full House's eight-year run. From Disney World to Tokyo, everyone's favorite '90s family traveled the world. But perhaps their greatest family adventure was in gorgeous Hawaii.

The episode "Tanner's Island" kicked off the show's third season by having the Tanners inadvertently get stranded on what they assumed to be a deserted island. (Thanks a lot, Danny Tanner, and your "Clipboard of Fun.")

Both Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) and Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner) shared precious throwback videos from the set of the Hawaii episode. Both vids are dated a day apart in August 1989, and it's making us want to rewatch the episode STAT.

  • Sweetin shared her vid first, starring a seven-year-old (?) her with show creator Jeff Franklin.

    A desperate Sweetin begs Franklin to do multiple takes, so she can ride the dolphins over and over. (Because, duh.)

  • Seriously, if you weren't jealous of the elder Tanner girls during this scene, you're a liar.
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  • Bure's video achieves a first: making John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) a "nerd boy."

    One of the video's comments is simply, "Hahaha what is this lol?" Same.

Brace yourselves, Internet. We're only a few more days away from the Fuller House premiere!

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