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Adele Cried All Day After The Grammys, Just Like You Probably Did

It's all just very emotional.

At the 58th Annual Grammy Awards last Sunday, Adele made what was supposed to be a grand return to the award show stage, but ended up a dodgy performance marred by audio difficulties. (Adele herself sounded great to me, but some Interneters had a different opinion, I realize.)

This week, Duchess 'Dele appeared on Ellen to talk about her performance of "All I Ask," in which a microphone inside the accompanying piano fell onto the strings, emitting a sharp clanging sound. She took it comparatively well, though the 25 singer admitted she shed a few -- actually, more than a few -- tears after the show.

"I cried pretty much all day yesterday," Adele said, signaling that she is indeed one of us, the bumbling shamble-humans who get reduced to soggy cry-piles whenever things go awry in our lives. Or, you know, whenever our faves have a bad time on stage. That shit affects us, man.

"Well, the thing is, in fairness, I would've cried if it'd went really well as well," she continued. "If it'd been a stand-out performance, I would've cried as well. I always cry."

OK, yeah. Adele stays on brand. That's good.

It wasn't all weepy news, though. Adele stuck around Ellen's show to pull a prank involving a Jamba Juice, a pair of scissors, wheatgrass, and Ellen's devious instructions being whispered into Adele's ear. Truly a gift from the heavens, even in the darkness of this cold, heartless, post-Grammys world of fallen microphones. Bless this mess.