Here's Why Adele's Grammys Performance Sounded A Little...Off

The explanation is actually a lot simpler than you'd think.

As we pointed out earlier, Adele's Grammys performance on Monday night (February 15) was bursting with the kind of emotional heights you'd imagine from a heartbreaking song she penned with help from Bruno Mars. That song, "All I Ask," was unfortunately marred by strange audio difficulties that sounded kind of like someone strumming an out-of-tune guitar.

In fact, some viewers on Twitter were wondering just what the heck was going on, especially when the control room dimmed Adele's vocals seemingly to correct the problem -- clearly a risky and controversial move.

But shortly after the ceremony went off the air, Adele took to Twitter to clear up exactly what went wrong on stage.

See? Classic mix-up, and of course Adele has a great sense of humor (and hunger) about the whole thing. You still sounded amazing, for the record. A trip to In-N-Out Burger is well deserved.

Keep slaying, Duchess 'Dele.