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The Hamilton Cast Lives Up To The Hype At The Grammys

We finally got to be in the room where it happens.

The cast of Hamilton lived up to the show's indomitable legacy Monday night, turning in a crowd-pleasing Grammys performance of the acclaimed musical's opening number, "Alexander Hamilton." The original cast recording also took home the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.

Tickets to Broadway's most tantalizing new show are practically sold out until 2017 (unless you have a cool $600 lying around), and yet the Internet can't get enough of Hamilton -- and after a performance as rousing as this, it's easy to see why.

The creation of actual genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton perfectly blends hip-hop with more traditional works of musical theater. The result is nothing short of a ravenous and ambitious masterpiece. One that not everybody is lucky enough to see in person, which makes Hamilton's showing at the Grammys even more monumental.

For a show obsessed with the idea of leaving a legacy, it's fitting that Hamilton has changed the game in so many ways. And now, they've made history at the Grammys, performing live from the Richard Rodgers Theatre. It’s a musical about Alexander Hamilton, America's "ten dollar founding father without a father," and his life and political career from the American Revolution until his death in 1804 at the hands of his career nemesis Aaron Burr.

More importantly, the dazzling cast of Hamilton reflects what America looks like today, bringing both diversity and women into the forefront.

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