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Should We Be Offended By Beyoncé's Super Bowl Message?

Charlamagne's shares his thoughts on the singer's controversial halftime show.

Last Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show rocked our pop culture worlds. Specifically, of course, there was that Beyoncé moment, in which she ushered in an army of fierce lady dancers for her latest single, "Formation". The messages behind the song were heard loud and clear both from the lyrics and the performance itself: pride in her black heritage, and a call to end police brutality against black people in America.

But while some took to her message, many others didn't. And when Charlamagne was asked on this week's "Pulse Of The People" if we should feel offended, he said definitely not.

"If somebody speaks up against injustice," he said, "you should kind of be for it." Check out the video below for more of his thoughts on Beyoncé, Kanye, and Cam Newton, and be sure to send Charlamagne your questions via Instagram with the hashtag #UncommonSense!