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A$AP Rocky Explains: Who The Fuck Is Ian Connor?

You definitely know his style.

You might not know his name. Maybe you don't even know his face. But you know Ian Connor's style. It's kissed the wardrobes of Wiz Khalifa, Kylie Jenner, more than 440 thousand Instagram followers, and yesterday's Yeezy Season 3 offering. Actually, Ian has worked on every Yeezy Season and modeled in all the shows -- you'll spot him as the only model chain-smoking on the runway.

None of that, however, answers the question: But who the fuck is Ian Connor? Thankfully, we have A$AP Rocky.

The truly plugged in have known him for years, but Ian has gained attention recently because he's the first artist/personality Rocky signed to his AWGE creative collective. "I noticed that his influence on Tumblr and on the internet doing streetwear fashion," Rocky explained to Forbes. "Being the face for it, he was the king of the youth."

But he's been catching a lot of press recently because he found himself in the middle of the Wiz Khalifa - Kanye West #coolpants Twitter beef -- having originally developed much of Wiz's look before ultimately switching gears to work with Kanye on his Yeezy Season collections.

Ian has a distinct flair for mixing high with low and blending hip-hop and rock. It's felt not just by his immediate circle of influence but by the streetwear community at large.

And if all of that isn't enough to make you want to aspirational-follow or hate-follow him on Instagram, do it for his favorite running bit (and mine): taking mirror selfies with middle-aged men in airport bathrooms every time he touches down in a new city.