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Snow Day Turns 16 This Year, And BB Josh Peck Is Still Adorable As Ever

Happy Anniversary to this classic Nickelodeon movie.

Sixteen years ago today (February 11), one of the greatest kids movies of the decade opened in theaters. I remember seeing Snow Day as an eight-year-old and loving every second of it. I had a crush on Hal Brandston (Mark Webber) and wished I were as adventurous as his sister Natalie (Zena Grey). I despised Snowplowman (Chris Elliott) and laughed hysterically at everything they made Chevy Chase do.

I rewatched the film yesterday for the first time in over 10 years and loved it just as much now (as a 24-year-old) as I did back in 2000. It's witty, it's sharp, and, most importantly, it's fun. Growing up in Texas, we rarely had snow days, so this movie was an escape and a dream about what "could be."

And while all the characters are iconic, one definitely sticks out in my mind. Josh Peck was super young and insanely precious when he landed the role of Wayne Alworth, Natalie's goofy friend.

Wayne was the butt of people's jokes and always got the short end of the stick. He was forced to run for his life with his pants down in the freezing cold, used as bait to trick Snowplowman into getting out of his snowplow, kidnapped by Snowplowman, and then tied to the front end of the snowplow while it was moving. Oh, and his pals had to trade his freedom for Snowplowman's bird they birdnapped. Traumatizing.

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Hello Darkness, my old friend

Basically Wayne was a BB version of Josh Nichols from Drake & Josh (although he doesn't mention if he likes Oprah or not). Peck was definitely the main comic relief in the movie, and we wouldn't want him any other way. His first line is, "Man-oh-man of La Mancha," a quote I'm not ashamed to admit I still use occasionally.

But besides all that stuff, Peck's character had a serious farting problem — this was a kids movie, after all. Wayne farts a total of five times (yes, I counted) all with the same hilariously ridiculous sound effect. It's a big reason you fall in love with his character, because we all know someone like that, someone who doesn't always quite have it together, but still makes us laugh and smile. Plus, farting's just funny when you're a kid.

It was so refreshing to rewatch this movie from my childhood that I loved so much and still enjoy it years later. Basically, it's timeless and really, really makes me want a snow day to happen right this second.

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