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Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Gets A Dramatic Reading From Nick Jonas, Jon Hamm, And More

Just know-oh-oh that this hilarious vid won't let you down.

In an inspired attempt to shake up the festival press circuit, Vanity Fair recruited celebs at last month’s Sundance Film Festival for viral video gold: a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

Jon Hamm, Don Cheadle, Elisabeth Moss, Armie Hammer, and Ellen Page are among the industry heavyweights who put their own spin on Bieber’s synthy Purpose cut, to truly hilarious results. There’s Natasha Lyonne unable to conceal her grin, Nick Jonas getting dramatic as all hell, Judd Apatow half-screaming, and John Krasinski choking back tears.

Damn... he must've really done someone wrong.

Check out the full vid below, which VF notes was inspired by W Magazine’s “Hotline Bling” dramatic reading.

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