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Noted DILF Ryan Reynolds Is Officially The Sexiest Dad Alive

Hubba hubba.

It's no secret actor Ryan Reynolds is a complete hottie. He was People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2010, and even now, since becoming a father, his sexiness hasn't waned.

On Tuesday (Feb. 9), Reynolds guest-starred on The Tonight Show to promote his highly-anticipated superhero movie Deadpool, and while he and Jimmy Fallon chatted about the film — and how Reynolds gave a Deadpool fan the gift of a lifetime — Fallon proudly debuted Reynold's cover for People Magazine.

As the audience screams, Fallon says, "That's a stud right there." We couldn't agree more, Jimmy. Pointing at his photo, Reynolds jokes, "Scientifically speaking, what's sexier than a man who fornicates, produces children, and then looks surprised about it ... I look vaguely surprised [in the pic]."

Surprised or not, we are totally here for this. And while his daughter James loves her father (although it'll be interesting to see her take on his "sexiest dad alive" honor when she's older) she's not used to seeing him in his full Deadpool attire.

Reynolds told People he literally scared the shit out of his daughter. "You would know as soon as she saw me that she would need the diaper changed. Everything would evacuate, every bodily fluid. It was horrible," the Sexiest Dad Alive said. "I made the baby cry every time the baby saw me in that makeup."

Whoops. Well, no dad is perfect.