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Ghostface Killah -- With Help From His Mom And Sister -- Fires Back At Martin Shkreli

This one's not over.

The most unlikely rap beef of 2016 hasn't died down yet.

On Tuesday morning (February 9), Ghostface Killah released a new 12-minute video aimed at Martin Shkreli, who purchased Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for $2 million and has been firing verbal shots at Ghost, including threatening to "f--kin' smack him right in the face" last week.

The Wu rapper responded today, along with some assistance from his mom and sister. This latest scene is a little less lighthearted than past editions, as they target Shkreli's price-gouging tactics as a pharmaceutical CEO who upped the price of HIV medication from $13 to $750 overnight.

Ghost's sister -- who shed tears while talking about her own medical history, having a tumor removed and not having health insurance for much of her life -- had a message for Shkreli's mom: "Give him a hug. Tell him to stop f--king over people and being greedy."