The Beauty And The Beast And Aladdin Connection You Definitely Missed

Belle and Jasmine would totally be BFFs.

Fan theories range from wildly preposterous to sort of believable, and Tumblr users have stumbled tumbled upon a connection between two beloved Disney favorites -- Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast -- that you likely didn't notice the first time around.

When Belle sings her way through the library at the movie's start, she mentions her favorite book has "far off places," "daring sword fights," "magic spells," and "a prince in disguise." Sound familiar? That's literally the Aladdin plot. Check out the proof in the post below, which was originally uploaded by Tumblr user petitetiaras.

This theory could be confirmed by the fact that there was a lot of collaboration between the Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin teams. Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman composed the scores for both movies one after the other.

"We were working on Aladdin while Beauty and the Beast was being worked on," John Musker, who directed Aladdin with Ron Clements, told Entertainment Weekly last October. Musker and Clements have directed several Disney classics, including The Little Mermaid and Hercules, together. The duo even said at Disney's D23 fan expo that they turned down the opportunity to direct Beauty in favor of Aladdin.

Now I just wonder if Belle had a crush on cartoon Aladdin just like I (and everyone else) did...?

H/T BuzzFeed