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18 Movies Turning 25 This Year

Where'd the time go?

In 1991, Nirvana's Nevermind dropped, Super Nintendo's Super Mario World hit the shelves in North America, and Dances with Wolves took home seven Oscars at the 63rd Academy Awards. (Also, I was born, but whatever.)

The year was a big one for movie and pop culture fans, with Robin Williams, Macaulay Culkin, Jodie Foster, and Ice Cube headlined some of 1991's biggest hits. See which of your faves are turning a quarter of a century old this year.

  1. Orion Pictures

    Fun Fact: Former James Bond man Sean Connery was the first choice to play Hannibal Lecter, but Connery said the script was "revolting" and turned down the offer.

  2. 20th Century Fox

    Fun Fact: Paige Turco, who played April O'Neil in this film and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, took over the role from Halloweentown's Judith Hoag, who played April in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  3. Drop Dead Fred, May 24, 1991
    New Line Cinema

    Fun Facts: Rik Mayall, who played the title character, died suddenly and mysteriously passed away at 56 years old. Also, good luck finding a DVD copy, because it's a super rare find.

  4. Warner Bros.

    Fun Facts: The film was originally titled The Real World. It was also David Duchovny's "first or second job [he] got here when [he] moved out to Los Angeles."

  5. Jungle Fever, Jun. 7, 1991
    Universal Pictures

    Fun Fact: Halle Berry's portrayal of a crack addict was her breakout role, but she almost didn't get it. She went in to read for Vera, Cyrus's (Spike Lee) wife. Thankfully, Berry fought for the role of Vivian and was eventually cast.

  6. Problem Child 2, Jul. 3, 1991
    Universal Pictures

    Fun Fact: 22 Vision reunited the cast of the movie in 2012 for the John Ritter Foundation. The child actors recreated famous production pics from the film and posed for new ones, in character of course. You can check out the photos here.

  7. TriStar Pictures

    Fun Fact: The reason John Connor (Edward Furlong) never carries or points a gun in the film is because James Cameron was completely against the imagery of kids with guns, calling it "morally reprehensible." So, that's why you see Connor only toting gun magazines.

  8. Boyz n the Hood, Jul. 12, 1991
    Columbia Pictures

    Fun Fact: Even though Laurence Fishburne played Cuba Gooding Jr.'s father, Fishburne is only six years older than Gooding IRL.

  9. Point Break, Jul. 12, 1991
    20th Century Fox

    Fun Fact: Red Hot Chili Peppers member Anthony Kiedis played a member of the surf gang.

  10. Orion Pictures

    Fun Fact: Joss Ackland, who plays bad guy Chuck De Nomolos, only did the film on a dare. He called his role "regrettable."

  11. Ernest Scared Stupid, Oct. 11, 1991
    Buena Vista Pictures

    Fun Fact: This movie debuted only a year after Ernest Goes to Jail.

  12. Universal Pictures

    Fun Fact: The movie was loosely based on a real life crime involving parents locking their children away from civilization.

  13. The Addams Family, Nov. 22, 1991
    Paramount Pictures

    Fun Fact: Anthony Hopkins was offered the role of Uncle Fester, but he turned it down — to play Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs.

  14. Universal Pictures

    Fun Fact: During one frame, a doodle of a penis is seen pointing directly at Tanya Mousekewitz's mouth during her song "Dreams to Dream."

  15. Beauty and the Beast, Nov. 22, 1991

    Fun Fact: Star Trek veteran Patrick Stewart almost played Cogsworth, but had to pass due to scheduling conflicts.

  16. My Girl, Nov. 27, 1991
    Columbia Pictures

    Fun Fact: Macaulay Culkin described his on-screen kiss with Anna Chlumsky as, "Yeeeccchhk. Double yeeeccchhhk." The kiss was done in 15 takes.

  17. Hook, Dec. 11, 1991
    TriStar Pictures

    Fun Fact: Julia Roberts, who played Tinkerbell, earned the nickname "Tinkerhell" because she was reportedly difficult to work with on set.

  18. Father of the Bride, Dec. 20, 1991
    Touchstone Pictures

    Fun Fact: The estimated price for the wedding is $143,000, based on the cost per guest and number of guests mentioned.