Here's Your First Look At Ripped Matt Damon In The Badass Jason Bourne Trailer

Bourne is back! And he remembers everything.

The Internet collectively fanned itself when the first ~ shirtless ~ pic of Matt Damon on the Jason Bourne (née Bourne 5) set made its way online this past September, proving that the amnesiac superspy definitely hasn’t spent the last 10 years sitting on a couch eating Cheez-Its.

Now, there's even more shirtless Bourne action to keep us thoroughly entertained until the anticipated film's release on July 29. The first, action-packed trailer for the fifth Bourne installment debuted during Super Bowl 50 and marks the return of both Damon and director Paul Greengrass to the franchise. In the 30-second trailer, we get a bulked-up Damon looking like he's straight outta Fight Club, lots of smashed/flying cars, and a tantalizing reveal: "I know who I am -- I remember everything." Dun dun dunnnn.

Honestly, 44-year old Damon is exponentially more ripped in this movie than he was in the first three. How much do you lift, bro?