The 11 Most Amazingly Epic Scenes From This Week's The Shannara Chronicles

That time Eretria unlocked the Bloodfire = priceless.

Batten down the hatches: The Dagda Mor is free.

On this week's episode of The Shannara Chronicles, the evil ruler was finally able to retrieve all his power, amass an entire army of demons and announce his immediate plans (guess what, he's not going to Disney).

"We will bath The Four Lands in elven blood!" he shouted gleefully.

But that holy-jeez moment was hardly the only one to make our jaws drop open. Here are the 11 most amazingly epic scenes from this week's The Shannara Chronicles:

  1. Hey, that looks familiar

    When Wil, Amberle and Eretria finally made their way to Safehold through an underground tunnel, they saw a veeery interesting logo on the wall -- the same one that's tattooed on Eretria's back. And to quote an old friend...

  2. No respect for royalty

    With the Dagda Mor invading (and influencing) his mind, Bandon came thisclose to killing King Ander -- until everyone's favorite druid stopped him at the very last heart-pounding second.

  3. Makeover madness

    'Member when Wil's eyes turned bright blue the very first time he used his elf stones? Well, Eretria acquired pretty new peepers just by staring at a piece of art on the wall. And that's not all...

  4. Check out that tat

    Miss E got some brand-new body art, but she didn't have to visit a tattoo parlor: An etching magically burned right into her arm. #GirlOnFire

  5. They're pretty fly

    Clue #1 that those guardians of the Bloodfire weren't ordinary security personnel: They started levitating like something out of "Hocus Pocus." Amok, amok, amok!

  6. NAGL

    Following their airborne antics, the female guards proved they're a little two-faced. See what we did there?

  7. Girl power

    Typically, blood begins to clot within 30 minutes after an injury. Eretria's floats through the air. Yeah, we can't explain it either.

  8. Blood donor

    When Eretria realized more of her plasma would unlock the Bloodfire, she impaled her hand on a rod. Now that's dedication.

  9. Bye, Felicia(s)

    All hail the elf stones -- this time, Wil used them to obliterate the Bloodfire's flying butterfaces guardians.

  10. Hello, Bloodfire

    Anyone get chills when Amberle slowly entered the flames that could help her save all of The Four Lands? Yeah, us too.

  11. RIP, Ellcrys

    With its very last leaf falling to the ground, the once-almighty Ellcrys was officially dead -- and we all know what that means. #DamnYouDagdaMor

Which moment did you think was the most epic? And do you believe Amberle will return from the Bloodfire and save The Four Lands? Head to the comments section, then be sure to watch the season finale of The Shannara Chronicles Tuesday at 10/9c!