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Adele Is Adorably Awkward Again On Her New Single Artwork

The 'When We Were Young' cover is very literal. And very adorkable.

We first heard Adele's weepy ode to childhood innocence, "When We Were Young," back in November when she released a live video performing the song at London's The Church Studios. You know, the video that blessed the entire world with the one GIF that sums up Adele as we'll forever know her:


She also performed the song, co-written with Tobias Jesso Jr., on Saturday Night Live shortly after that. And now, three months after we've gotten used to the idea of letting someone else have a shot at the Billboard charts for once, "When We Were Young" is back, officially, as the next single from Adele's 25.

That's the cover art, featuring a young Adele Laurie Blue Adkins herself minus her two (or maybe four?) front teeth. It's adorable. And I can relate, as my fourth-grade yearbook photo smile looks a hell of a lot like hers here. But hey, we turned out OK as adults.

Or at least she did.