The Shannara Chronicles: 7 Plot Developments That Are Giving Us Serious Cause For Concern

For starters, [SPOILER] is dead.

Amberle, Wil and Eretria finally made it to Safehold in their quest to save the Ellcrys but, turns out, they were a little too late: On tonight's The Shannara Chronicles, the legendary tree officially died.

But the Ellcrys' demise wasn't the episode's only super-shocking, whoa-inducing moment. From a sudden act of treason (screw you, Kael) a disturbing disappearing act (um, Amberle?) and a possible death (please, dear God, say it isn't so), here are seven plot developments that are giving us serious cause for concern (WARNING: major spoilers ahead):

  1. Bandon can't get the Dagda Mor off his mind...literally.

    Thanks to Mr. Mor's ability to get inside the seer's head and influence his actions, Bandon almost killed Allanon, Ander and Catania. We've already lost King Eventine and Arion to the demon ruler's evil actions -- now we're worried he'll be able to make Bandon do even more of his dirty work.

  2. Allanon knows something that we don't know.

    After Bandon went head-to-head with the druid -- and had his ass handed to him -- he lay unconscious as Allanon offered an apology. "I am sorry for everything that I have done," the Big A said, "and all that is yet to come." So what's in store for Bandon? Only Allanon seems to know -- but considering that, earlier, the druid told Catania's crush that he needed to "fortify himself against the Dagda Mor," we're guessing it isn't gonna be pretty.

  3. Councilwoman Kael is a b-tch.

    In an effort to take over the monarchy, Kael convinced Ander's loyal followers to overthrow him so she could assume the throne. But when the fallen king arrived and announced he'd made a powerful alliance with the gnomes, he won back the respect of his subjects and his crown. We're hoping by next week, the councilwoman is rotting in jail -- along with, like, a billion angry bees.

  4. Eretria could use a good pain reliever.

    Amberle said all along that the quest to save the Ellcrys was a part of Eretria's destiny -- and man, she wasn't kidding. The proof: First, Miss E noticed an emblem etched onto a wall at Safehold -- one that just happened to be an exact match for the mysterious tattoo she's always had on her back. Second, she sprouted some painful-looking new body art (um, ouch) that acted as a "map" to the trio's final destination. And finally, she realized her very own plasma was the key to unlocking the Bloodfire (we're still squirming about what she did with that knowledge).

  5. Amberle is MIA.

    Those creepy "guardians" couldn't keep Amberle from the Bloodfire: As Wil fended them off with his elf stones, she managed to enter the magical flames -- then completely disappear. So where'd the elven princess go? Did she survive the Bloodfire, or did something go horribly wrong? Oh, and speaking of damsels in distress...

  6. Eretria's kind of dead.

    After impaling her hand on a rod (yup, that's how she unlocked the Bloodfire), Miss E apparently perished (!!!): A teary-eyed Wil couldn't find a pulse as he cradled her lifeless body. But is everyone's favorite rover really RIP'ing? Just minutes earlier, she'd proclaimed that she was feeling "invincible" -- and tbh, we kind of think she is.

  7. The Dagda Mor has been unleashed.

    The Ellcrys' very last leaf finally fell, officially setting the Dagda Mor free and causing the you-know-what to hit the fan. So let's see: Bandon's going a little cray. Amberle is missing. Eretria may be history. And that demon bastard just amassed enough power to wipe out the entire world. Anyone else a little worried?

Tell us: Which plot developments did you think were most concerning? And what do you think will happen next on The Shannara Chronicles? Head to the comments -- then get ready for next week's season finale (SEVEN DAYS AND COUNTING) on Tuesday at 10/9c!