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Chris Hemsworth Is A Super Hot Nerd In New 'Ghostbusters' Pic

Hemsworth isn't busting any ghosts, but he sure looks pretty.

The first official photo of Chris Hemsworth in "Ghostbusters" has arrived, and we're really feeling his hipster makeover. There's just something about a tall, handsome man in Warby Parker frames that really gets our ECHO going, you know?

Up until now, the only other photo we'd seen of Hemsworth in character was a leaked set pic of him riding a humorously small bike otherwise known as the ECTO-2.

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In keeping with the gender-bending concept of the film, Hemsworth fills the role of the Ghostbusters' secretary, which was played by the indomitable Annie Potts in the first two films. While specific character details are still under wraps, judging from what we've seen so far, we can expect Hemsworth to stretch comedic chops -- and glorious biceps -- in the anticipated flick.