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Fetty Wap's Latest Catchy Song Is Dedicated To 'Bikes Up, Guns Down'

Plus, a new mixtape with Zoo Gang.

This dude Fetty Wap just won't take a break. Not that I'm complaining.

Let's recap: In September, after scorching the radio all year with singles, he dropped his self-titled album; in October, he released Coke Zoo, a joint mixtape with French Montana; in December, he put out the EP For My Fans; and he's been consistently assisting on singles, like Kid Ink's "Promise," in addition to leaking his own one-offs, like the glorious "Merry Xmas."

Overnight, he was at it again, with a new song, "Go Hard Boyz (Banshee)" and ZOO 16: The Mixtape, a new project with his Zoo Gang crew.

The solo song is classically catchy Fetty, but with a bit of a message tucked inside. "Bikes up, guns down," he raps, later adding, "We believe in bikes, we don't believe in hammers."

That's a sentiment we should all be able to get behind, I hope. It's particularly notable even beyond that, though: Fetty is still dedicated to bike life -- "f--k a whip, I bought a Banshee" he repeats, naming a bike brand -- even after serious motorcycle accident in September.

"Bike Up, Guns Down" was actually an event in Miami on Martin Luther King Day last month, rallying against gun violence.

Stay safe on that Banshee, Fetty.