Are Women Better At Payback? 'Wild 'N Out' Says Yes

'Wild 'N Out' settles the question.

Payback is a hot topic in music, movies, and all over our twitter feeds. But when it comes to real life, who's better at payback -- men or women?

An upcoming episode of "Wild 'N Out" asks this very question.

"Women, you guys are great at payback," comedian James Davis says, launching into a personal tale of revenge. Once, having been invited to Davis's show, a woman he'd dated she'd bring "a friend." Davis knew this was code for a man, but he couldn't possibly foresee who this guy would be... because he was none other than Drake himself.

Watch Davis' full story below, and tune into this Wednesday's 'Wild 'N Out Stand Up Special' at 11/10c on MTV2.