This Artist Is About To Blow Up In 2016 -- According To Charlamagne

Charlamagne weighs in on Bryson Tiller.

You've probably heard of Bryson Tiller. After all, Drake loves him, Kylie Jenner loves him, and with over 48 million views of the rapper's video for "Don't," it looks like you all love him, too.

So on "Pulse Of The People," when Charlamagne was asked which artist is about to blow up this year, the answer was simple.

"That would have to be Bryson Tiller," he said. "All the other artists love him but, most importantly, the people love him."

Check out the rest of Charlamagne's thoughts on Tiller, plus his views on the Illuminati and keeping positive, in the video below. You can send Charlemagne your questions via Instagram with the hashtag #Uncommon Sense."