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There Is Only One Way To Kill Resale Culture And It's Not Easy

If we all think it's ridiculous, how is it still a thing?

If you're a huge fashion or beauty nerd -- or even just someone who likes to go to popular music and sports events -- you probably know this pain. You mark your calendar to buy something -- a one-time-only collab, a limited edition perfume, tickets to see your favorite artist -- and when it comes time to hit that "Add To Cart" button, POOF! It's all gone.

Or so you thought. Click over to eBay or StubHub, and you see it all hitting secondary markets as quickly as it sold out.

It's a cycle I personally know all too well. With the exception of one miracle time I was able to score Beyonce tickets at retail value, I have been suckered many times by resale culture, paying marked up prices for too many clothes and too many shows. But after licking my wounds from missing out on every Yeezy sneaker and boot, every single Supreme release, and (the most painful) every high fashion H&M collab, I've decided I'm done.

Paying steep markup prices for garments meant to be part of a diffusion line for a designer label -- especially when those prices rival or even exceed the prices of the runway clothes -- is just too much. But what can you do about it? It's the nature of supply and demand, right? Limited supply of a good product leads to high demand, quick sellout, and the opportunity to charge higher prices.

It's a vicious consumer cycle fueled by hype, but ultimately, it's one that starts and ends with the consumer. The power to influence whether buying explictly for resale continues to be the wildly viable business model it is today -- and while we're at it, whether your style is defined by how much money you can blow on an over-hyped outfit -- is totally up to you. But I, for one, am out. ✌️