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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Called In Reinforcements To Properly Diss B.o.B -- Over Drake's 'Back To Back'

Time to go from 'Flat to Fact.'

If you thought Neil deGrasse Tyson would let his strange feud with B.o.B end without releasing a diss track, think again.

After Bobby Ray started the week spewing a theory on Twitter about the earth being flat, the famed astrophysicist responded in a series of tweets, debunking the idea with the help of his trusty friend, Science. Bob wasn't about to go out without a fight, though, and so he released "Flat Line," where he reiterated his beliefs and threw some jabs at NDT.

And now, thankfully, Neil has responded -- with the help of his rapping nephew, who helms the majority of the track, over Drake's "Back to Back." The elder Tyson provides some vocals at the beginning and end, and tweeted it out, so clearly he's on board.

The whole joint is entertaining, but here are two of my favorite lines:

"Can't fool the people, Bob, they know what's up/ I'm in the Hayden Planetarium gettin' shoulder rubs"

"I'm makin' sure you get it when it's said and done/ Because the track is just a one-of-one/ I could make another one and then another one/ The DJ Khaled of teaching Bobby about the sun"

This odd voyage may finally be over now that the Tyson clan has put the nail in the coffin, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.