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Rihanna Is Listening To 'Anti' With $9000 Headphones And You're Not

Headphones fit for a queen.

How do you listen to an unreleased album that the world has eagerly been anticipating for years? If you're Rihanna, with bejeweled, $8,895 headphones.

This morning, Rih shared a photo of herself wearing very elaborate Dolce & Gabbana headphones, which, appropriately, include a crown at the top. You didn't think Rihanna would be listening to ANTI with, like, dinky earbuds, did you? No way.

While the rest of us still don't know when we'll be able to listen to ANTI, this seems like a good sign that it's on its way -- time to start saving up so you can listen to the album the same way Rihanna does.