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B.o.B Has (Questionable) Proof The World Is Actually Flat

Follow along.

B.o.B is eager to disprove a long-held, well-known finding: that the earth is a sphere.

The idea that the earth is not flat is something you're taught very early on in school. It's something Pythagoras and Aristotle worked to prove many centuries ago. It's something B.o.B still very much rejects.

Over the last day or so, Bobby Ray has been flooding his Twitter account with posts intended to prove that the world is indeed flat. Those posts have taken a few different shapes (see what I did there?).

There's photos that feature Bob himself.

There are diagrams.

Plenty of photos of cities and textual explanations.

And even some links to videos, including one called, "Dissecting the Flat Earth Theory."

This, indeed, looks like a flat road.

This may sound like a conspiracy theory -- and if you scroll back on his timeline, there are plenty others, on an array of other topics -- but B.o.B is bucking that title.

Earlier this month, he said that his thoughts will be explained in his music.

A few days after that he dropped a new mixtape, FIRE: False Idols Ruin Egos, which you can stream below.

I applaud the effort, Bob, and you definitely inspired me to do some Googling, but I'm still rocking with the idea that the earth is a sphere.