Death Toll Rising: The Dagda Mor Just Murdered [SPOILER] On The Shannara Chronicles

Find out who became the demon king's latest victim.

Another member of the elven royal family has perished on The Shannara Chronicles: During a dangerous mission to the Breakline, Arion was killed by the dreaded Dagda Mor.

The prince's road to ruin began on tonight's episode when the King (aka, the Changeling, who'd killed Evertine and assumed his identity) committed yet another act of royal deception -- and convinced his sons that the Dagda Mor could be executed with the Blade of Warlock.

"You need to sneak in and kill him -- it's our only chance," the King/Changeling claimed, before telling his sons he expected them to both undertake the mission. "Two sons, one blade, one purpose. The demon won't even know you're coming."

Yeah, right: Later, when the princes approached the Breakline, the Dagda Mor was ready and waiting.

"I've been expecting you," the creature said, just before revealing how he'd tricked Arion into using the Blade of Warlock to stab Allanon and even bring the weapon right to him. Then, he dropped the biggest bombshell of them all.

"Your father is dead," the Dagda Mor told Arion, "and you are my puppet."


Seizing the Warlock Blade, the Dagda Mor swiftly used it to slay the prince. As Ander watched Arion die -- the second time he saw a brother perish before his very eyes -- the Dagda Mor attacked once more. Good thing Allanon -- who'd again been healed from his wounds -- suddenly arrived and saved Ander with some of his most bad-ass magic yet.

Later, the surviving prince returned to Arborlon Castle and told the King/Changeling of the mission.

"Arion saved me," he reported. "He gave up his life, but I couldn't help him."

"I'm sure you did everything you could," the King/Changeling said, rising to embrace the prince.

"No, I didn't," Ander replied, "but I'm going to try and do my best now."

And with that, Ander plunged his sword into the King/Changeling -- causing the creature's body to disintegrate into flames.

Goodbye, Changeling -- and hello, King Ander.

That's right -- with both Eventine and Arion dead, Amberle's favorite uncle will assume the throne and rule over The Four Lands. But will he be able to successfully guide the monarchy and finally defeat the Dagda Mor? Or is the evil leader of the demons more powerful than ever -- and truly unstoppable -- now that he has the Blade of Warlock? And oh yeah, do you think the Changeling is really gone for good? Head to the comments and give us your thoughts, then be sure to catch the next episode of The Shannara Chronicles Tuesday at 10/9c!