Christopher Polk/Getty Images for GQ

That Time ‘Finding Nemo’ Bumped Questlove Off The DJ Table

Prince preferred the Disney-Pixar film at his after party.

Questlove's abilities as a fire DJ are well documented -- all you need to do is pop into Brooklyn Bowl on a Thursday night to understand. Plenty of folks appreciate Questo's musical deep dives, and his "Bowl Train" event has been rollin' strong after more than five years. But not everyone is always a fan of his choice of tunes -- and that includes Prince.

In November, Questo shared a hilarious story about DJing an after party for the Purple One that ended with Prince relieving Q of his duties -- and putting on a DVD of "Finding Nemo" instead.

Now, this absolutely zany story has a charmingly animated video to go with it, courtesy of animator Hectah and produced by OkayPlayer. And no one can tell this story like Questo can.

Watch the whole thing below.