'The Shannara Chronicles' Mid-Season Trailer: Can ANYONE In The Four Lands Be Trusted?

We're even throwing Allanon side-eye.

Between the deceitful Changeling, that tricky Eretria and the super-sneaky Cephelo, who can you really trust in The Four Lands? Judging by "The Shannara Chronicles"'s brand-new mid-season trailer, just about no one.

"The druid has been lying to us," King Eventine announces in the clip, below, causing Prince Arion to vow that he and his father will face -- and conquer -- Allanon together.


And while we're asking questions, why does seer extraordinaire Bandon seem to be having a sword fight with Allanon? Isn't he supposed to be a good guy?

In between the apparent deceptions, Eretria acquires a new love interest, Amberle is tortured by a madman (!) and Wil finally reveals his inner emotions to the princess.

"My feelings for you are what keeps me going," he admits, just before the two are shown, to put it politely, getting busy.

Too bad they may not live happily-ever-after: By clip's end, Amberle, Eretria and Wil are losing their battle with a giant demon -- and plunging from a snowy mountain to their apparent doom.

Watch the clip to see all the action unfold, then head to the comments and let us know what you think awaits on "The Shannara Chronicles." And be sure to catch the show Tuesdays at 10/9c!