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This Mesmerizing ‘Double Star’ Will Make You Forget All About That Double Rainbow


It's been six years since the "Double Rainbow" video hit the Interwebz and captivated us with its bizarre wonderment. Now, the double rainbow-shaped hole in our hearts is being filled by another double something-or-other: a beautiful pair of stars.

The stunning new images were captured by the European Southern Observatory's new instrument called Gravity, which is located at the ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile (yes, that's really its name).

"Applied to the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope array, 'Gravity' detected a binary star pair within the Trapezium Cluster during its first observing run," the ESO noted on its site. A "binary star pair" -- AKA a "double star" -- is used to describe the phenomenon of two stars appearing very close to each other when viewed through a telescope. Pretty straightforward but extremely magical.

Chances are, you're probably already familiar with the phenomenon of "double stars" -- as Sky and Telescope notes, "Mizar, the star in the bend of the handle of the big dipper" is a well-known example.

That's all the science stuff. Peep the video below and prepare yourself for the "woaahh" factor.