Italian Police Make Arrest In Ashley Olsen Murder Case

Republicans debate tonight, 7 killed in Jakarta terror attack and 3 Powerball winners.

Senegalese Immigrant Detained After DNA Found On Cigarette, Condom

After the body of Florida native Ashley Olsen was found by her boyfriend on Saturday morning in a Florence apartment, police arrested prime suspect Tidiane Cheik Diaw, 25, on Wednesday. Diaw was reportedly in possession of artist Olsen's phone and was detained based on witness accounts and DNA evidence that included a used condom and a cigarette butt in Olsen's bathroom and DNA from under her nails, though no motive has been discovered yet. Florence chief prosecutor Giuseppe Creazzo said Diaw and Olsen, 35, (unrelated to the actress of the same name) met for the first time at a disco early Friday morning and they had consensual sex at Olsen's apartment after drinking and possibly taking drugs together. An autopsy determined she suffered two skull fractures before she was strangled to death.

Robert Lewis Dear Claims He Didn't Plan PP Attack

Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter Dear told a TV station that his Nov. 27 attack on the clinic was "spur-of-the-moment" and that he chose his target because he claimed PP is "murdering little babies." He also said he believed FBI agents were following him that morning and tipped off PP employees that he was headed to the clinic and that the FBI had been "harassing him for years, breaking into his rural Colorado trailer and cutting holes in his clothes." Dear, 57, has been charged with 179 counts of first-degree murder, attempted murder, assault and other crimes and claimed in the interview that he is "sane, I am coherent" and that he plans to plead guilty. Three people were killed in the fatal attack.

Seven Killed In Jakarta Terror Attack

Five Islamic State-linked terrorists were among the seven people killed in coordinated attacks in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia, on Thursday (Jan. 14). A police station and a Starbucks were blown up with suicide bombs in the assault, which included the targeted killings of two people, Dutch and Algerian foreign nationals. The unnamed attackers then reportedly opened fire in the street and two were killed after throwing grenades at police. Officials are comparing the coordinated nature of the attacks to the terror assault in Paris last year.

Debate Night... Again: The debate stage will be a little smaller on Thursday night when just 7 Republican presidential candidates will suit up for the Fox Business News-sponsored event in North Charleston, S.C. Expect fireworks between the two lead GOPers, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, who've spent the week leading up to the sixth showdown taking shots at each other in the run-up to the first-in-the-nation Feb. 1 Iowa caucus. Both Carly Fiorina and Sen. Rand Paul will be absent as they missed the cut, with Paul declining to take part in the earlier undercard debate.

Quick Take 1 -- Liberia Ebola Free: The World Health Organization declared Liberia Ebola-free on Thursday after marking 42 days without any new cases. One of the epicenters of the latest outbreak that killed 11,000 people, Liberia joins Sierra Leone and Guinea on the list of nations in the clear.

Quick Take 2 -- You Didn't Win: Lottery officials say there were three winning tickets in Wednesday night's historic $1.6 billion Powerball drawing, sold in Tennessee, Florida and California. The winning numbers were: 4-8-19-27-34 and Powerball 10. There were 81 million $1 million winners.

David Bowie -- Ashes To Ashes: According to reports, David Bowie was reportedly privately cremated soon after his death at age 69. In keeping with the very private starman's wishes, The Mirror reported no family or friends were present at the ceremony.