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That Time Nicki Minaj Interviewed Herself

Nicki was interviewed by Nicole back in 2013.

If you’ve been keeping up with Nicki Minaj’s social media accounts this week, you know she’s been beefin' with Farrah Abraham, working on her new sitcom and also been reminiscing about her 2013 Elle cover story.

The “Anaconda” star has been resharing pics from that shoot and talking to fans about a hilarious video where she (acting as a giddy reporter from Elle named Nicole) interviewed herself for the mag.

On Tuesday (Jan. 12) she asked fans to pull up the 2013 clip after one of the Barbz mentioned it on Twitter.

Soon, people started sharing their favorite scenes, like this one.

She also shared some emojis.

The interview is actually pretty cool aside from being hilarious. It focuses on Nicki’s childhood and style, though it's definitely a little awkward. Watch the full interview between Nicki and Nicole below.