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Watch Olivia Munn Transform From Nelly To Kelly Rowland On ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Olivia battles Kevin Hart with 'Dilemma.'

Nearly 14 years after Nelly and Kelly Rowland dropped "Dilemma," Olivia Munn is bringing it back for a performance on "Lip Sync Battle."

The "Newsroom" actress has double-duty in this rendition, as you can see from the preview clip below. In it, she performs as Nelly and then Kelly Rowland right after. All she had to do was take off the hat, bandana and band-aid in a flash to make the transformation happen.

Watch the "Lip Sync Battle" preview below and tune into the show on Thursday, Jan. 14, to see her duke it out onstage with her "Ride Along 2" co-star Kevin Hart.