Steve Noviello/Facebook

Mermaid Pillows Are A Thing, And Yes, You Absolutely Need One

Make these pillows a part of your world.

Mermaids have always existed in a variety of forms — there are mermaid Disney cartoons, mermaid parade enthusiasts and now even mermaid pillows.

According to BuzzFeed, journalist Steve Noviello came across the mermaid pillow while shopping with a friend at the Nebraska Furniture Mart. Surprised by how weird they were, they decided to post a video on Facebook for fun. That little clip below has received over 29 million views since January 10.

The pillows themselves cost a pretty penny -- $149.99 to be exact. That may be worth it to experience what it would be like to draw on a mermaid, before falling asleep on it. You can also purchase less pricey imitators for $99 and $39, or enter to win one for free.

At the very least, you'll can live vicariously through Noviello's mermagic, thanks to his awesome video.

H/T BuzzFeed