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Siri Is Totally Down To Beatbox For You

But when will she be able to break dance?

Siri, the helpful (albeit sometimes voice command challenged) assistant that lives on your iPhone, has a good sense of humor. According to Macworld, If you ask her to make you a sandwich, she'll tell you, "I'm not permitted to handle food." Inquire as to when the world is going to end, and she'll speak some straight-up truth: "As long as you keep me charged, we should be just fine."

Recently, several bloggers realized that everyone's favorite pocket robot can also drop a beat. Seriously. Take out your phone right now and ask Siri to beatbox for you. She'll launch into "something she's been working on." Siri's "boots and cats" rhythm -- words that beginning beatboxers often use to start honing their skills -- isn't exactly polished, but she seems to be having fun. After repeating the words for a few seconds, she exclaims, "I could do this all day!"

If you don't have an iPhone handy, you can watch it on this video:

Who knows, maybe if she keeps practicing, we'll all be rap battling with our phones soon. Until then, ask her where your keys are or whether you can borrow some money. You might not get exactly what you want, but at least you'll get a laugh.

H/T Mashable