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Diddy, King Of Cozy, Is The Only Winter Fashion Inspo You Need

Take this as your official green light to wear sweatpants wherever and whenever you want!

After a freak bout of heat (East Coast, remember when it was humid on Christmas??), it's finally cold this winter. If you -- like me -- hate this season and have found yourself sulking at your stacks of gigantic, itchy sweaters more than once, listen up because I've found a solution to your winter style rut. Turn your attention toward Sean "Diddy" Combs, the king of all things cozy, and prepare to be inspired.

Diddy is one of the most influential individuals in hip-hop and his impact can be felt in all aspects of the culture. You're probably well-aware of his influence in music, but his status as a fashion icon has remained largely unseen since the 2000s (when his label Sean John was in its heyday). Well, now is the time to start digging in to those archival photos because peak Diddy understood how to stay warm but still look cool: velour tracksuits with diamonds, puffy jackets with cashmere, and turtlenecks with furs.

For example:

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And even now, the man's still got it:

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Special mention to Diddy's equally fashionable mom, Janice Combs. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Go forth and conquer winter!