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Hip-Hop Responds To President Obama’s Final State Of The Union

Wale, Fabolous and Chuck D speak on POTUS' last SOTU.

President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan. 12, and hip-hop was definitely part of it.

Wale, for example, performed at a celebration before the SOTU where Vice President Biden spoke. "Make some noise for the Obamas for bringing me back to this joint," Folarin said during his set. "I never thought that I would make it to the White House, and this my third time."

President Obama also requested a performance of "LoveHate Thing," according to the MMG star. "The leader of the free world has a rapper in the White House," he said after performing the track. "God bless him. Hip-hop forever."

Wale's performance also inspired other rappers to speak about President Obama's appreciation for hip-hop. Fabolous, for instance, wrote a lengthy caption about POTUS on Instagram.

"People will go back and forth about what Obama has and hasn't done for this country," Fab said in his post. "But from what I know and saw, Obama embraced many cultures while in office, hip-hop being one, which touches me because I'm a hip-hop artist.

"Hip-hop used to be a political scapegoat," he continued, "the black cat of America, the reason for everything wrong even while being the largest growing music and the corporate world getting rich off our style, jingles and consumers. We watched hip-hop become a universal language through all its backlash and ridicule. And Obama was the first President to even take pictures with our favorite artists, invite them to the White House, even drop lines in his speeches."

"Maybe it's really good marketing and campaigning," F-A-B-O added, "but even so, no one else was real enough to even try it! Salute Obama. Hip-hop gotta admire this guy forever."

Fabolous went on to post several photos of Obama with rappers on Insta. He also offered some commentary during the State of the Union through Twitter (more on that later). Other rap figures also tuned in to watch the president's final SOTU. Here's a look at some more hip-hop reactions: