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Watch: Oregon Militia Man's Impassioned Plea For People To Stop Sending Him Dildos

God bless America.

Jon Ritzheimer, a member of the armed group occupying Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, recently addressed the "abundance" of "hate mail" he says the group has received since posting its address to Facebook last week to solicit supply donations (after less than two weeks of occupation, because #planning is hard).

In response, people have been sending the group sex toys, phallic gummies and glitter bombs. Ritzheimer is not amused. In a Facebook video, he holds up a "bag of dicks" and an impressive dildo, part of these snail mail care packages, and angrily questions why people would spend money just to troll them.


He then channels Beyonce and shoves everything off the table, before declaring the group will "continue to do good for our country."


The group of roughly 20 armed ranchers and their supporters has been occupying the refuge since Jan. 2, and says it's protesting the federal government's treatment of ranchers and use of federal land. The group also told the New York Times that it's ready and willing to continue its occupation for years if need be. The group has been widely criticized by many for its methods.

Watch the full video here: